5-13 August 2022

There are five restaurants nerby. Three restaurants on the island, and one the mainland – just a short ferry trip away. See the map below.

Grocery store
Joker is the local grocery store at the mainland, a four-minute walk from the ferry berth. Joker even has its own dock for dinghies to be used by customers only.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 09-20, Sunday 10-18.

REMA 1000 GRESSVIK, Nordkilen 1, 1621 Gressvik
Approximately 12-minute drive from the parking lot at Vikane.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 07-23, Sunday Closed.

Kiwi Vestkilen, Vestkilen 3, 1621 Gressvik
Approximately 11-minute drive from the parking lot at Vikane.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 07-23, Sunday Closed.


Hankø Yacht Club

Offers reservations for breakfast, Aftersail meal and dinner. Orders and reservations are made in the bar.


American, seafood

Booking: +47 69 38 28 50 // booking@hankohotell.no

Hankø Hotell

Booking: +47 69 38 28 50 // booking@hankohotell.no

Hankøsund Restaurant


Booking (NB Norwegian page only)

Grand Café Vikane

Café and bakery and houses the Husløs pizza.

Adress: Vikaneveien 325, Contact: 918 61 067


Engelsviken Matbar – seafood, Asian
Engelsviken fiskeresturant – seafood, sushi

Fredrikstad (nearest town)
Restaurant Slippen – seafood
St. Raw – Japanese, seafood, sushi
Thai Marked – Asian, thai, vegetarian friendly

Read more at Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad



The Winners

Full resultsVideos and photos from the event Class A1. HALBTROCKEN 4.5 GER With skipper Michael Berghorn and crew Hasso Höher, Linus Döpp, Konrad Nehrenberg, Jojannes

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New Champions crowned

It came down to the last inshore race of the series for the winners and podium positions to be determined at the 2022 ORCi European Championship.

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Mills Short Offshore Race

After a brief delay this morning due to fog and light air, race managers were able to get racing started shortly before midday in the Mills

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